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Mercolleida gives up the pronospoc awards to the best prices analysts of the pork market 2012

* Gold plate:
Jose Ortega de Enrique Ortega e hijos.

«José Ortega. Commercial Director Enrique Ortega and Sons, specializing in trade in general but especially in pig piglets , pigs and genetics plus company. Operating in the area since the 40s , through the management of three family generations that have operated in this sector over the years, expanding their markets : the first was limited to regional trade, while the second makes the leap national trade and third markets at European level , provided without departing from its origins. You can supply any kind of pork in any market , by its own fleet of specialized trucks. Its turnover for last year was 15 million euros , maintaining at the same dose levels of sales in recent years , despite the economic conditions we are experiencing. Its main export markets are Germany, Italy, Poland , Hungary and Romania , but also operate in other such as Croatia and Bulgaria. Served throughout the Spanish mainland and Portugal.»

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Cit.: Boletín de Mercolleida. Número 2.297. Diciembre 2012. Pag. 2

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