Safety and satisfaction of our clients is our goal, with a compromise with professional and personal growth of our workers.

Our vision at Enrique Ortega e Hijos is to be leaders in the national and international pork commerce through a extend and wok and business development.

We make a constant investment in specialized trucks and the safety and wellness of animals as required in the European law, to guarantee the delivery of our cattle in the best condition.

– Leaders: for our experience.

– Management Excellence: Being a model in progress, investigation and development.

– Quality: Our selection.

– Value Creation: Our clients satisfaction.

Competitiveness, innovation, service and leadership are the values in which we interact with the different interest groups.

– Collaborators: Compromise and clearness in business.

– Employees: Team spirit and respect for work.

– Clients: Confidence, guarantee and quality.

– Society: Responsibility.


We’ve adapted our animal traceability system with the obligatory ID system. This system is made from two elements the Booklet of farm record and an identification of the animals. Each animal movement is recorded in a document expedited by the authorities. Our entire animal has a mark, tattoo or crotal, which provides info on the animals provenance. That is how Enrique Ortega e Hijos controls each and every part of the process, from the origin of pigs until the final delivery. Our process and system always allows traceability of any product we sell.


Our Quality system department take care of the demands of our clients related to weight, conformation, genetics, sex or any other specification our customers demand.

Excellence in pigs is one of our goals, guaranteeing perfect cattle and the maximum food safety. We work with our Veterinarian technicians in the application of quality system of Enrique Ortega e Hijos and the improvement of all process.

The partner whom we work with all has the best-certified quality in the business.

To satisfy our clients constantly:

– Application of improvement plans.

– Quality control, certified process and traceability

– Application of quality protocol

– Verified Client specifications