By genetics in our business we refer the production of animals destined to the reproduction of the commercial animals. That’s why the activity in this sector is the production of this animal by crossing and genetically selection by natural means. It also includes all the production, distribution and logistics related with those animals. In this is where Enrique Ortega e Hijos uses its long experience and our commercial contacts to provide its service. As an example the relation that connects us with German company R. Lefting since the nineties.

That company has its own farm since 1962 and in 1977 they started they work with the male German Pietrain, very appreciated in the business as a finishing male. Actually they have 400 mothers Pietrain that provide a large stock o young males. In 2008 they where awarded the Bemberg prize, as the leaders or the westfalia breeders ranking. We work exclusively in the Spanish market with the appreciated R. Lefting males. Since 1999, we have established a profound and successful relation to collaborate in the development and selection of the best reproduction males Pietrain EXTRA CLASS for the Spanish market